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All About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Founded in 2022 by an an experienced team of PR & communications specialists, Block3 PR is a new breed of communications agency for blockchain and digital assets. Block3 PR was established as a rejection of opaque, ineffective communications in the blockchain space that fail to reach target markets. Our boutique approach to public relations allows us to work side-by-side with clients to construct unique strategies that achieve precise results.

Custom pr for blockchain innovators

Our services

At Block3 PR, we provide a full suite of services for blockchain clients, with a strong focus on top quality content and earned media to ensure your brand gets its message across in top tier publications.

Market Research & Consultancy

Market research and consultancy: Understand where you sit in your market to perfect your strategy and heighten your reach

Narrative & Brand Building

Shape the narrative that truly reflects your brand and your values to reach the target audiences that will propel your growth.

​Content & Media

Top quality, editorial-level content that will ensure you stand out among your competitors. From thought leadership pieces to technical white papers, your content will be unrivalled in clarity and impact.

our team

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